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Some people think it’s easy to build a website. There are many website developer tools available that allow you to drag and drop pictures, and insert wording.  Keep in mind that these tools use templates that are generic, and not specifically designed to meet your business needs. Web development requires behind the scenes coding that’s done by skilled web developers.  There are plenty of DIY projects that you can tackle yourself; Here are 10 reasons why building your business’s website should not be one of them.

Reason #1: Customization
Free website templates and DIY web builders cannot be customized, are very basic, and are not interactive. If you wanted to add an extra feature or additional content, a basic website template or web builder wouldn’t give you this option.  If you think you’re the first person to benefit from a free website builder, think again–there are thousands of other companies that have made the mistake of using the same, boring, generic template.  Now you’re stuck with a site that looks like everyone else’s.  How unique is that?
Reason #2: Efficiency
Web development hard work, and it takes a long time to build a great website.  If you’re not a professional web developer, the hours upon hours you spend trying to create a website could be more efficiently spent generating business and growing your client base.  Why not let someone with experience and knowledge build it, it’ll save you time and money.

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yelpWe’re excited to announce that Sooner Marketing Solutions is a Yelp Ads Certified Partner! We are now able to support and manage Ad campaigns for all of our clients – both large and small! We are so happy to have been given this opportunity as it allows us to better serve our clients. The purpose of this post is to inform you of our recent partnership with Yelp as well as the benefits associated with the coalition. 

What is Yelp and Why is it Important?

Yelp is a transactional platform consumers visit when they are looking to purchase from a local business. It is extremely important because it is emerging as the leading consumer review site for many types of businesses. Fast food, marketing, auto dealer type businesses, or anything else corporate related, Yelp has a strong influence and is highly regarded by a wide demographic of consumers. In fact, it currently receives high priority from the Google Search Engine results, generally, in the top 5 search results according to numerous tests. This means that with a good review, let alone a partnership, any businesses credibility and digital portfolio is instantly improved for the better.

When looking at the United States, the social platform has an estimated 94.3 million unique visitors on both, desktop and mobile and on top of that, is the 20th most-visited internet property for desktop and mobile combined. In addition to that, according to Nielsen, consumers rank Yelp as the #1 review site for finding local businesses and nearly, 79% of consumers purchase within a week after visiting Yelp.

Clearly, for any business, the platform has a huge influence on their potential customer base. Based on that, this makes Yelp a hugely important aspect of digital marketing for any corporation.

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1. Outside perspective

The number one reason to hire a marketing consultant is for the outside perspective. You may have assembled the most talented team of marketers on the planet, but you’ll always be blinded by some level of bias. A consultant, on the other hand, can come in and see things clearly without being affected by the issues that weigh you down.

2. Specialized skill set

Marketing consultants always have a general background and knowledge of how to handle a variety of different needs, but most have a specialized skill set to offer. For example, you’ll find consultants who specialize in PPC campaign optimization or content marketing. When you work with these folks, you can quickly target a specific area without wasting time, money, or resources.

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So your thinking about starting a digital marketing agency but your not too sure on where to start. There are so many niches, platforms, courses that for most people, it becomes too overwhelming to even think about starting a business. People want to know what are the barriers of entry towards starting an agency.

Barriers of Entry

There are always challenges and barriers that make it hard for someone to start up right from the get-go. For digital marketing agencies some of these barriers include,

  1. Number of social media platforms
  2. Cost
  3. Time

Let us dive in deeper detail when looking at each of these barriers.

Number of social media platforms

Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, the list just goes on and on. Each of these social media platforms have tremendous potential but as an agency are you thinking of providing all of these services or are you planning on specializing in one particular platform? The fact of the matter is that, each platform is used for a particular reason and it is important to understand at least on a basic level how to use each of these platforms to satisfy your clients needs.

The primary platforms include Facebook (for interest marketing) as well as google adwords (for keyword research). These two services are a good place to start but even so may take a while to learn. Luckily there are multiple courses on each of these services but again these courses may cost money and more importantly they may take a bit to master.


Although the cost for starting an agency aren’t necessarily high (so long as if you have a computer and secure Wifi connection) it can get somewhat expensive. Using website builders such as wordpress, hiring a freelancer, or purchasing courses are all variable costs that stack up. For some people they can avoid high costs by finding a mentor or internship opportunity but for the most part, some investment may be required to ensure that as a startup agency, you have all the tools required to excel in your field of work. This once again categorizes cost as yet another barrier to starting an agency.


Lastly, time is yet another barrier to starting an agency. According to business statistics, 80% of small businesses fail within the first year of starting up. Starting a business even if its a digital marketing agency, requires time and investment into learning all the quirks and updates of how different platforms operate. Without putting in the time to learn the business inside out you will not be able to succeed. Therefore, expect to put many hours in studying courses, reading blogs, and watching videos.

At Sooner Marketing Solutions we make sure to do everything to help you become successful and convert viewers into sales. Our agency is well established and capable of providing whatever services you may need. If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level contact us today and let us tell your story.


Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Loom, so many options for business owners looking for freelancers. The question is, however, should businesses trust a self-employed freelancer or a well-established marketing agency when deciding which entity to use for their marketing campaign? The reality is that freelancers are everywhere, thanks to individual websites, getting access to a freelancer takes nothing more than just a few quick clicks and a payment upfront. Rightfully so, there are always two sides to each coin, and with that in mind, it’s time to tackle the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer, v.s hiring an agency.

Pros of Hiring a Freelancer

When it comes down to it, there are two main pros of hiring a freelancer, 

  1. Cheap
  2. Specialized

Essentially, freelancers are meant to be less costly as opposed to a fully functioning agency, and this is mainly because hiring a freelancer means hiring a single person. Comparatively. If you were to hire an agency, you would be hiring a team of individuals working as a cohesive unit. This, of course, means that if you’re on a tight budget freelancer may be far cheaper.

Also, freelancers are typically outsourced workers who are specialized in a particular field. These fields can range from web design all the way to SEO and lead generation. Since these freelancers usually opt for one specialty, they are typically capable of performing that particular craft a lot better than most.

Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

The main disadvantages of a freelancer are as follows,

  1. Reliability
  2. Quality of work
  3. Hiring process

So firstly, reliability is a vast area of concern for freelancers that businesses should consider. Essentially, freelancers being self-employed, are very likely to be inconsistent with their deadline. If a freelancer becomes ill, goes on vacation or has an emergency, because they are the only one working on your project, your goals as a business may end up being delayed or even rendered, null and void.

Furthermore, freelancers also tend to vary quite a bit when it comes to the quality of work. Considering that freelancers are outsourced, the quality of work may differ on a case by case basis. This means that projects can be done either exceptionally well or extremely bad.

Thirdly, the hiring process of a freelancer may take a long time. Because unlike an agency who may have a substantial portfolio, hiring a freelancer may require you to go through a tedious interview process to differentiate between potential employees.

Pros of Hiring an Marketing Agency

The main advantages of hiring an agency include,

  1. Team vs. individual
  2. Security

Hiring an agency means you have a whole team rather than an individual. Marketing Agencies have talented teams to help deliver results for clients. The final project will be a better standard and more polished than if you were to hire a group of freelancers.

In addition to having the support of an entire team, another benefit of hiring a Marketing agency is that, if there is an issue, an agency which has a large group can work together to solve the problem as soon as possible. With that, Finding a good agency also means that your end results will be okay. In fact, you might end up building a long-term work relationship with them which inevitably, will help secure more future projects.

Cons of Hiring a Marketing Agency

The main drawbacks of hiring an agency include,

  1. Cost
  2. Location

Essentially, agencies will cost more than hiring a freelancer (unless of course, you have to employ multiple freelancers to do a project). Despite this, however, the quality of work will most likely be on par with what your paying. In essence, it is a trade-off that ends up working in your favor.

Secondly, location may also be an issue when hiring an agency. If an in-person meeting is required, you may have to go to the agencies headquarters. This may be far or close to you depending on where you live. Once again, however, one can argue that hiring a freelancer is no better since they could be on the other side of the world. Either way, location is still important to consider.

Ultimately, at Sooner Marketing Solutions we make sure to do everything in our power to help you become successful and convert viewers into sales. Our agency is well established and fully capable of providing whatever services you may need. If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level contact us today and let us tell your story.

$378 million of economic activity Google helped provide for Oklahoma businesses, website publishers, and non-profits in 2016.

Braedon Kruse founded Sooner Marketing Solutions in 2012 to assist owners of small and medium-sized businesses with finding success and customers online. “We help frustrated business owners to expand and grow their companies, find better branding, and gain more awareness,” Braedon says. Their customers range from a window-tinting business and automotive repair companies, and consultants. They may need anything from a website upgrade to full digital services. “We want them to see our company as an all-around marketing department to devise creative solutions,” adds Justin Hernandez, Chief Operating Officer.

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Facebook marketing plays an important role in increasing sales of any business. If you want to turn facebook fans into paying customers, you have to share videos, photos and other important information on the social media site. But not just quantity, but quality posts, videos, and pictures.

You can click on News Feed, and you will find the photos and videos to attract the people. But, many people do not know how to convert their Facebook followers into buying customers.

Your main goal should be to move out the fans from the Facebook page to your website and then from your website to a form (or a product to purchase). You should win the trust of your fans and should know how to identify leads.  If you are looking to convert Facebook fans into paying customers, you should follow the following three steps given underneath:

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So many businesses and brands use Instagram to promote their services. They use Instagram to create posts that can attract their audience into paying customers. The advertising feature of Instagram has been launched in the past and businesses are using this opportunity to target their audience. People using Instagram click on newsfeed ads than ads on any other social media platform. Thus, posts on Instagram can be more useful to promote the business than any other social media website.

Large and small businesses are using social media advertising for achieving excellent results.  Posts on Instagram help to generate more traffic and revenue to any business website and therefore, people are investing more money in social media advertising. It is easy to use social media website. If you have started a new online business, then this social media website is the best spot to start doing advertising for your new business.  You can create top performing posts on Instagram to promote your business and to attract targeted audience to your business website. A few tips are given here that can help you to create top performing posts on Instagram:

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It’s that time of year again when we start to finish up 2017 and turn our attention to the coming year. The rate of change in digital marketing in 2018 will increase yet again, so to help get you ahead of the curve, here are five digital marketing trends to start thinking about.

Personalised experiences:

The journey towards personalization has been the stuff of dreams for most marketers: who wants to pay to talk to 100 people when there is only 1 person who you want to engage? But the trend has not been growing in just dreams. People’s exposure to advertising has been massive and this has had two impacts: people will only engage with different/sophisticated advertising and people are sick of advertising!
Personalisation could be a simple customised landing page (e.g. sending traffic from a Twitter campaign to a different page to traffic from a Facebook campaign) or it could be a fully personalized website experience, but if this is all new to you, 2018 should be the year you start to investigate.

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The numbers on social media marketing are impressive. More than half of small businesses in the United States are planning to increase their social media marketing budgets in 2017, and the number of businesses using social media marketing has increased, year over year, for more than a decade.

Still, social media marketing remains underrated. Business owners and marketers frequently treat it as a second thought—something for an intern to handle, rather than a strategically deep mode of building your reputation and attracting new traffic. Some have even abandoned the idea altogether, refusing to spend any time or money on a strategy that nets a positive ROI for up to 92 percent of businesses that use it.

So what’s the deal? Why isn’t everyone on board with the strategy?

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