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Some people think it’s easy to build a website. There are many website developer tools available that allow you to drag and drop pictures, and insert wording.  Keep in mind that these tools use templates that are generic, and not specifically designed to meet your business needs. Web development requires behind the scenes coding that’s done by skilled web developers.  There are plenty of DIY projects that you can tackle yourself; Here are 10 reasons why building your business’s website should not be one of them.

Reason #1: Customization
Free website templates and DIY web builders cannot be customized, are very basic, and are not interactive. If you wanted to add an extra feature or additional content, a basic website template or web builder wouldn’t give you this option.  If you think you’re the first person to benefit from a free website builder, think again–there are thousands of other companies that have made the mistake of using the same, boring, generic template.  Now you’re stuck with a site that looks like everyone else’s.  How unique is that?
Reason #2: Efficiency
Web development hard work, and it takes a long time to build a great website.  If you’re not a professional web developer, the hours upon hours you spend trying to create a website could be more efficiently spent generating business and growing your client base.  Why not let someone with experience and knowledge build it, it’ll save you time and money.

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So you’re a business owner, and you realize that marketing is a fundamental part of your sales funnel. Great! After sitting down to think you end up deciding to hire a salesperson for $30,000 a year plus commission. The thing is, he only works 40 hours a week. Taking that scenario, how does hiring a 24/7 sales and marketing team do for the same price? The answer, a lot better. Fundamentally, modern day business owners neglect the unprecedented importance of having a great website that is fully optimized to convert views into sales. When you are working around the clock, your website is your 24/7 salesman that is helping you make money when your sleeping or out enjoying your life. Unfortunately, however, many business owners underestimate the value of web design and discard its potential entirely. Rightfully so, the possibility of web design is unbounded. As long as if you know what your doing, your website can be one of your greatest assets to your business.


As human beings, a big part of our sources of information relies on the testimonies of those around us. With all the information nowadays, it’s essential to be to sort the false from what is right. In regards to website design, modern website builders such as webs, Weebly, and Wix have seemingly advertised the aspect of ease when marketing their services and tools. Majority of these website builders proclaim and often, oversimplify how easy it is to make a website. “Build a website in just 10 minutes!”, “Choose from over a 1000 different templates!”, “Make a stunning website at absolutely no cost!”.

These are just some of the ideas circulating when people hear the words, web design.


The fact of the matter is, however, just as a business owner would take the time to interview and dissect a resume before hiring a sales associate, the same amount of effort and time should be put towards setting up a good website. The problem with current ads is that it only shows the aesthetic benefit of using a website builder. It doesn’t address the fact that various tricks need to be applied so that people can see the website on the search engine in the first place. SEO wizard, keyword research, inbound marketing are all critical factors that lead to forming a user-friendly and accessible website.

Another misconception for web design is that often, the purpose of making a website is unclear for some business owners. The purpose of a site is not to be a vanilla and watered down summary of your business; instead, it is meant to be a part of your identity. As humans, we gravitate towards people and are inspired by stories and individual/cohesive achievement. We cannot feel sympathy or any connection with something that is lifeless. A robust website gives life to a business and if it is done right, should explain your business’s story. This idea has resonated so much with individuals that countless blogs demonstrate the importance of having a story. This is because although facts tell, stories sell.

Looking at the Facts

Similar to any claim it is vital to have the empirical data to back it up and for web designs correlation with sales conversions the case is no different. Looking at recent statistics, there is no doubt that having a good website is imperative for revenue growth. According to Forbes, the following facts reign true for modern day web design,

  1. 91% of online adults use search engines to find information on the web.
  2. 93% of searchers never go past the first page, instead of using only the first ten search results to form their impression.
  3. 65 percent of people see online search as the most trusted source of information about people and companies. That’s a higher level of trust than any other online or offline source


As you can see, SEO has become a pivotal part of web design. Being ranked on the first page of Google versus the second page is like the difference between night and day. This makes it extremely competitive and challenging for small business owners trying to rank to be seen on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. When setting up a website you want to hire a trustworthy agency that are specialists in this field. Knowing the inner works of how search engines work as well as coupling this knowledge with a good website design that utilizes inbound marketing to create value for customers, is what will separate you from your competitors.

When hiring an agency you shouldn’t settle for cheap prices. Although firms might be offering to build a website using most likely (a recyclable template) for $500, often times these websites are not optimized to get you the best results. We charge around $4000+ for our web design services but, we will include the design, theme, plugins for SEO and lead tracking, google analytics from the get-go, on page SEO, professional videos, and photographs, as well as any special accommodations requested by our clients!


Ultimately, at Sooner Marketing Solutions we don’t just design a website to make it look pretty. Your website needs to be optimized for on-page SEO right from the get-go during the building process. By doing this, your site will be ranked higher than your competitors giving you an edge in the market. We know the tricks and quirks of our trade when building a website. This means that we know exactly which tools to use to research keywords that people will actually search for. Rather than words that are assumed to be high ranking. Building a website is not about making it look pretty and relying on chance that you will get noticed. Creating a site is about taking the steps to ensure that as a business owner, you position yourself to succeed. So if you’re interested in taking your business to the next level contact us today or like our page on Facebook and let us tell your story.

Whісh оnе is best fоr уоu?

Wіx, Squarespace, and WоrdPrеѕѕ аrе three most рорulаr wеbѕіtе creating platforms аvаіlаblе. Thіѕ means thаt, іf уоu nееd a mоdеrn wеbѕіtе which уоu can buіld bу уоurѕеlf wіthоut hаvіng аll the соdіng ѕkіllѕ, thеn сhесk out either WIX or Squarespace. Hоwеvеr the quеѕtіоn is, whісh of these particular platforms is preferred based on your needs and expected outcome? In саѕе уоu’rе trуіng to сhооѕе bеtwееn Wix, Squаrеѕрасе, оr WоrdPrеѕѕ, this роѕt wіll bе оf great bеnеfіt to уоu.


The Main Difference

In one sentence, both Wix and Squarespace are online, fully featured and self-contained tools, where WordPress is a standalone software package that requires a web server installation before it’s accessible. If you want to use Wix or Squarespace, you need to visit their home platforms, sign-up for a new account, and start building the website right then and there. With WordPress, you need access to a web server and domain first, followed by installation of WordPress to that respective server. Only after that can you pick the website theme and begin the process.
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Hopefully, you recognize that under-par designs, lack of call-to-actions, and missing content for the right buying stage of your visitor can make a negative impact on your conversions. There are many web designers who do not pay attention to these aspects of the site which is leading to missed results. You don’t need a “web designer” you need a “website marketer” to analyze the site’s design & flow and optimize it for conversions.