For strategy and solutions that deliver sooner results, look no further than Sooner Marketing Solutions for honesty, integrity, and loyalty that always delivers. Whether you need a partner in web design and development, social media marketing, search optimization, or any other aspect of digital marketing, such as content creation video marketing, Sooner Marketing has the experience and drive to propel you to success.

We believe in the power of great results and strong relationships, which have made us one of the top Tulsa full-service digital agencies and best developer in all of Tulsa. 










Thanks to the research and analytics from business insight firms Clutch and The Manifest, Sooner Marketing Solutions is very proud to have earned this recognition of our services, products, and relationships. The industry rankings of companies like us comes from The Manifest and Clutch scoring our market presence, previous experience, client satisfaction, customer reviews, and more, so as a business featured among the best and brightest in the industry and city, Sooner Marketing appreciates the validation that our team and work are doing great things for great clients.

We want to highlight some of the collaborations that we’ve recently had, both with the results that our team produces and the feedback on our Clutch profile that our clients have shared.

“They were efficient in the processes and had great communication with us,” noted one client satisfactorily. “They have great follow up to ensure that we stay on top of any changes in the organization that need to be communicated to our target base.”

In terms of local companies that have partnered with Sooner Marketing Solutions, look no further than Lofton MotorSportsWe teamed up recently to produce a marketing video that showcased the honesty, expertise, and affordability of Lofton, and we are happy to affirm that the benefits reaped by Lofton as a result of our marketing strategy and solutions are indicative of what each of our clients experiences during and after collaborating with Sooner. Watch the video here on Sooner Marketing Solutions YouTube Channel.


In coming projects, Sooner Marketing is excited to share the fruit of our partnerships with H & G Paving and Cate Chiropractic Center. Check out the latest designs here below:



If you are interested in hearing more details about our past experience, the specifics of our marketing strategies and services, or want to discuss a potential partnership with us, we welcome you to reach out and connect with us. Thank you to Clutch, The Manifest, and our clients for their support of our results, service, performance, and partnerships. We look forward to sharing more of our knowledge and services soon!

After Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in April of 2011, no one could stop talking about Kate’s wedding dress.

Within hours after the wedding, vendors began making near-identical copies or similar styles of the Stella McCartney- designed dress. Even vendors such as David’s Bridal now have a “Royal” category so you can dress “just like Kate.”

When something is buzz-worthy, it creates high demand. In situations like this, you can align offers with “what’s hot.” Companies will often leverage newsjacking for this type of technique and it works very well for offers, too. As an example, earlier this year people couldn’t stop talking about Pinterest.

How to leverage newsjacking to amplify your marketing

Create new streams in your social media management tools to help you find out what is trending and get on top of it to help amplify your own marketing. The earlier you can get on the bandwagon before it “goes viral” the faster you can rank in searches and the more people you will find attracted to your information.
HubSpot capitalized on this craze by creating the first Pinterest ebook for business owners and marketers, How To Use Pinterest for Business. It quickly became one of HubSpot’s most successful ebooks with more than 125,000 downloads to date. Because it was the first and only ebook available on Pinterest (and we made sure people knew that), and learning how to use Pinterest for marketing was in high demand, it made the offer more unique and thus more irresistible — that’s the power of leveraging both timing and popularity!

By leveraging newsjacking, you can also utilize the bandwagon effect through blogs, webinars, conferences and more to help traffic more qualified leads into the funnel.