What Are The Barriers of Entry for a Digital Marketing Agency?

So your thinking about starting a digital marketing agency but your not too sure on where to start. There are so many niches, platforms, courses that for most people, it becomes too overwhelming to even think about starting a business. People want to know what are the barriers of entry towards starting an agency.

Barriers of Entry

There are always challenges and barriers that make it hard for someone to start up right from the get-go. For digital marketing agencies some of these barriers include,

  1. Number of social media platforms
  2. Cost
  3. Time

Let us dive in deeper detail when looking at each of these barriers.

Number of social media platforms

Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, the list just goes on and on. Each of these social media platforms have tremendous potential but as an agency are you thinking of providing all of these services or are you planning on specializing in one particular platform? The fact of the matter is that, each platform is used for a particular reason and it is important to understand at least on a basic level how to use each of these platforms to satisfy your clients needs.

The primary platforms include Facebook (for interest marketing) as well as google adwords (for keyword research). These two services are a good place to start but even so may take a while to learn. Luckily there are multiple courses on each of these services but again these courses may cost money and more importantly they may take a bit to master.


Although the cost for starting an agency aren’t necessarily high (so long as if you have a computer and secure Wifi connection) it can get somewhat expensive. Using website builders such as wordpress, hiring a freelancer, or purchasing courses are all variable costs that stack up. For some people they can avoid high costs by finding a mentor or internship opportunity but for the most part, some investment may be required to ensure that as a startup agency, you have all the tools required to excel in your field of work. This once again categorizes cost as yet another barrier to starting an agency.


Lastly, time is yet another barrier to starting an agency. According to business statistics, 80% of small businesses fail within the first year of starting up. Starting a business even if its a digital marketing agency, requires time and investment into learning all the quirks and updates of how different platforms operate. Without putting in the time to learn the business inside out you will not be able to succeed. Therefore, expect to put many hours in studying courses, reading blogs, and watching videos.

At Sooner Marketing Solutions we make sure to do everything to help you become successful and convert viewers into sales. Our agency is well established and capable of providing whatever services you may need. If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level contact us today and let us tell your story.