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McDonald’s proudly introduces the new fresh beefQuarter Pounder®* burgers. Each one of our Quarter Pounder® with Cheese, Double Quarter Pounder® with Cheese and Signature Crafted® Recipe burgers is made with 100% fresh beef from North America and cooked right when you order it.


McDonalds Corp approached us with a need to market their new “Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder” and reach as many people as possible in the Tulsa market in a short 6 week period. They had asked, what events are happening in Tulsa where we could setup an activation and hand out 20,000 coupons in a 6 week period?


During their activation time frame, we suggested the Arvest Winterfest event right next door to Tulsa’s BOK Center. During the activations timeframe there were concerts, shows, the Christmas Parade, and many more events in this area. One unique challenge we had was when we approached people with a coupon and a napkin, they seemed immediately defensive the first week. The solution to this was to stay within uniform but wearing Christmas colored aprons, hats, etc. Which in return, changed the recipients attitude entirely towards us.


We successfully handed out 20,000 coupons and 30,000 napkins in a 6 week period. McDonalds recognized with our combined efforts showing a 6% increase in gross sales in the Tulsa Metro area Q1.

150000 Impressions
30000 Napkins
20000 Coupons
6 Weeks

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