Website Design

What makes a great website design? It’s the same experience you have visiting the website, as when you are actually doing business with them. This includes the information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, colors, fonts, and imagery. All of these are combined with the principles of design to create a website that engages and converts a visitor.

When tackling website design you want to have a goal in mind, making your website “prettier” won’t accomplish much. Do you want to increase sales, update the existing information, offer new knowledge? Ask yourself these questions before you get started. Our designs keep a strategy in mind while doing this.

Have questions? Wondering what platform your site should be built on? Drop us a line and we’ll help out!

    What We Will Do For You?


      Help You Identify the Why

      Help You Identify The Why

      Before we began work we will help you uncover exactly what you’re looking for even if you aren’t sure.

      Link Building

      Link Building

      Linking your content on to other websites helps with building your authority. Your authority is a key aspect in determining how high your website is listed on Google searches.

      Onpage SEO

      Onpage SEO

      After we finish with our keyword research we will be able to identify what your customers are typing into search engines. We take that data and build those words into your website. Think of OnSite SEO as the signs you see on the highway telling you where to go. Plus a lot of other cool tech stuff (we’ll be happy to list those out if you’d like).

      Market Research

      We research what your audience is looking for online so you don’t have to. We use programs like Hubspot’s marketing platform so we can make sure we get the most accurate data possible. Once we have that data we build those terms into the backend of your site to get it listed on search engines.

      Content Creation

      Think about it: If you don’t know who you’re writing for or how to best reach them, how are you going to nail your content execution efforts on the first try? Simply put, you’re not. You’re going to release content with broad appeal that speaks meaningfully to no one, and you’re going to waste time creating content piece after content piece that never really connects with your audience.

      That’s why our professionals at Sooner Marketing understand are here to help you get over this hurdle. Not only will we write you content but our content writers have over 20 years of experience!

      Do You Have A Goal for Redesigning Your Website?

      You need to understand the WHY behind redesigning your website and you need to have a purpose. Think of your website as a tv ad have you ever noticed some tv ads never change so they become played out and you don’t pay attention to them? This same concept applies to your website. You don’t have to completely rebuild it all but a simple color change or image change will go far.

      Is Your Website Mobile-Responsive?

      Did you know that the majority of Google searches are done on mobile devices? The web is constantly changing and so should your website whether that be new content or to be used on new devices. You spent all this time making sure you’re online so why let that all go to waste if you aren’t keeping your website up to date. All of our websites come mobile responsive so you won’t have to worry about users being frustrated while looking at your company online.

      Is your website mobile-friendly Try using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool and let us know what came up!